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Clark’s Home Furnishings offers the latest styles in home appliances. Whether you need a refrigerator, freezer, or cooler of any type, we have it all. With a large selection of name brand appliances, including Energy Star certified models, we are confident that we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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Modern Refrigerators Are Anything But a Boring Box

Refrigerators have made a lot of advancements since the invention of the icebox. There are also many styles of refrigerators to choose from, such as top or bottom freezers, side-by-side, and French door. The modern refrigerator is anything but mundane; it has become more interesting and smart over time. Refrigerators are now a statement piece in your kitchen that does more than keep your food cold. With many color and style options available, it is also possible to make a refrigerator look like a part of your cabinets. Clark’s is the place to get the help you narrow down what you need and get the most for your money.

Big Box Store Products with Personal Small Town Service

Top Freezers: This type is designed with the freezer on top and the fridge on the bottom. You might have had one of these in your home growing up. While this variety of refrigerator is often the most budget friendly, it does not always include the most advanced features.

Bottom Freezers: These models are great if you want easy access to food in the fridge and freezer. Many of these are equipped with drawer-style freezers, which give them a modern feel, while still easy to use. They tend to be larger than top freezer models, and may not work depending on the available space in your kitchen.

Side-by-Side: With this variety, the doors are split down the middle. There is one side for the fridge and the other is for the freezer. Some models of this variety have unequal sides, with the fridge being larger and the freezer smaller. These tend to have a lot of features and smart options. These are ideal for narrower kitchens.

French Door: This type of refrigerator combines a double-door fridge on the top and a drawer-style freezer on the bottom. These full-width refrigerators are perfect for those with a lot of food and drinks to store. Since there are two fridge doors, you might only have to open one to find what you need. For those looking for something innovative and modern, this is the perfect refrigerator. There are a wide variety of smart features available with French door models.

Smart Fridge: There are a variety of smart options available that are innovative and changing how buyers see the usual refrigerator. It is not a cheap option, but adding Wi-Fi, touchscreens, voice control and energy monitoring is a good investment for your home.

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Wine and Beverage Coolers for Relaxing and Entertaining at Home

For the wine enthusiasts in the area, we have fridges you need to properly store your favorite drinks at home. Clark’s Home Furnishings has many under counter fridge models from many respected brands in stock in our showroom. Whether you need an extra fridge to entertain guests, store wine and beer, or keep other beverages, there are many under counter fridges to suit your needs.

Our wine fridges offer many great features such as climate control, separate temperature zones for all types of wines, reversible doors and LED lights. Beer lovers can even find dispensers that allow you to enjoy a refreshing draft at any time.

Clark’s is a Proud Member of the Appliance Dealers Cooperative

Being a member of the Appliance Dealers Cooperative allows us to purchase and offer our products at the same price as the larger stores while maintaining small hometown service. We have industry certified technicians to provide service for products we sell. We deliver up to a 30-mile radius. All cords and vent hoses are included with purchase of appliances like refrigerators and coolers.