Grills in Berkeley Springs, WV

High-Quality Grills for the Outdoor Cooking Enthusiasts in Berkeley Springs, WV

Outdoor cooking on a grill is a fun hobby for many residents in the Berkeley Springs, WV, area. Clark’s Home Furnishings understands that buying a new grill can be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many different brands and models of grills available in stores today. Whether you need a small grill for yourself or a large grill to cook for the whole family, Clark’s has what you need in all price ranges. For a home cook, a high-quality grill is an essential to making delicious meals. Our team can assist in assembling your new grill so you can start cooking meat, vegetables, and seafood quicker. We also have grills with smoker options available.

Clark’s Home Furnishings has gas, charcoal, wood, pellet, electric and dual fuel grills in stock. Stop by today in our showroom and our team will help you figure out what you need. For more information about grills available, contact Clark’s Home Furnishings at (304) 258-2226. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, and can give the service you cannot get from the big guys.

Types of Grills Available at Clark’s Home Furnishings:

Electric Grills: Electric Grills are great for those who live in apartments where using gas or charcoal is not an option.

Wood Grills: Wood grills are sophisticated and great for smoking. They also feature digital thermostat controls. However, wood grills give everything you cook a smoke flavor even if you do not want it

Gas Grills: With gas grills, it is easy to get it to a temperature you want for cooking. If you have meat with marinades and rubs, cooking them on a gas grill will help to bring out the flavors.

Charcoal Grills: Charcoal grills take longer to set and clean up. They generate higher heat than gas and are perfect for getting delicious crusts on steaks.

Grill Brands:

Clark’s Can Help in Finding a Grill with all the Features You Want

When you visit Clark’s Home Furnishings for a grill, our team will help you consider all of your options to make sure you get a model that suits all of your needs.

For cooking you will want to make sure it has enough space for all the food, including warming racks, rotisserie, and smoker options. Also high quality grates are an essential to creating tasty grill marks on food.

Get More for Your Money at Clark’s on the Best Grills

At Clark’s Home Furnishings, we understand that price does not always mean quality. No matter the price you pay, you deserve a well-made grill. Our grills are made with quality materials such as aluminum, cast iron, enamel bonded steel, and stainless steel. When you purchase a grill from Clark’s you can trust that the welds, legs, hinges, latches, side burners, wheels and more are made to last.

Clark’s is a Proud Member of the Appliance Dealers Cooperative

Being a member of the Appliance Dealers Cooperative allows us to purchase and offer our products at the same price as the larger stores while maintaining small hometown service. We have industry certified technicians to provide service for products we sell.

We deliver up to a 30-mile radius. All cords and vent hoses are included with purchase of appliances.  

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