Mattresses in Berkeley Springs, WV

Turn to Clark’s When You Need a Mattress Upgrade

Are you sleeping on an old mattress? Maybe you need a new one, but you keep using the same mattress you have. When you are ready to upgrade your mattress, turn to Clark’s Home Furnishings. We will bring you up to speed with all the changes and advances with modern mattresses. Clark’s staff is here to help you decide what you need and what you do not. We are here to offer helpful and practical buying advice for all mattresses. For more information about mattress brands and products we have, contact Clark’s Home Furnishings in Berkeley Springs, WV, at (304) 258-2226.

Find the Mattresses You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep at Clark’s

Having many options is a great thing when buying a new mattress, but most of us are just concerned with what will give us a good night’s sleep. Clark’s Home Furnishings will help you stay well rested without spending a fortune. Our experts will help you decide if a mattress is a good fit for you before you purchase it. When you visit Clark’s in Berkeley Springs, WV, you can even try out mattresses from the many reputable brands we have in stock. At Clark’s, you can trust that your mattress is made from trusted manufacturers. Our team also considers details such as the mattress materials. Whether you want memory foam, latex or spring mattress, Clark’s has them all. No matter if you prefer firm or soft mattresses, we have what you need to achieve the highest quality of sleep.

Types of Mattresses Available at Clark’s Home Furnishings:

Foam mattresses: Foam mattresses are popular and extremely common in Berkeley Springs area homes. Clark’s foam mattresses all have the CertiPUR seal, which means they contain no mercury, lead or formaldehyde. Our mattress showroom features memory foam that is dense and comfortable. You are welcome to try out our foam mattresses to see if it is right for you before buying.

Latex Mattresses: Latex is a popular type of mattress but it is often one of the more expensive materials. Berkeley Springs, WV, residents love latex mattresses for their durability, comfort, and being naturally cool. Latex conforms to the body’s natural shape, but bounces right back once there is no more pressure on it. Because Latex is made with natural rubber and no harsh chemicals, it is a great option for those with allergies.

Spring Mattresses: Spring mattresses are very common and tend to be the most affordable. They offer a wide variety of support and firmness options. These are generally made with steel coils and layers of cushioning. Some types of spring mattresses have a pillow top layer or an infused gel topper.

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