Luxury Vinyl Plank in Berkeley Springs, WV

High-Quality Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring and Installation Services for Homes

Luxury vinyl plank is a high-quality flooring option for Berkeley Springs, WV, area homeowners. It is a cost effect and attractive option to update the floors in the rooms of your home. Luxury vinyl plank is much more budget friendly than other flooring options such as tile, hardwood, stone and more. Vinyl is also easy to install. Luxury vinyl planks are glued down to the subflooring or click and locked together like a puzzle. Clark’s team can help you decide which installation type is right for your home.

The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, and can give the service you cannot get from the big guys. For more information about our luxury vinyl plank flooring and installation services, contact us at (304) 258-2226.

Luxury Vinyl Planks Brands:

Luxury Vinyl Plank is Durable, Waterproof, and Easy to Clean

Since luxury vinyl plank is durable, scratch resistant, and waterproof, it will last in your home for many years to come. Clark’s Home Furnishings recommends vinyl for damp areas of your home such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and mudrooms. With vinyl’s protective layer, it absorbs the shock and prevents scratches, cracks, or chips. Luxury vinyl plank flooring requires no waxing. For the most part, a broom is all you need to clean dirt from your vinyl flooring. When needed, a damp mop and mild cleaner is all you need to prevent stains from spills.

Achieve the Look of Hardwood, Stone, Ceramic and Other Flooring Material

The design possibilities are endless with luxury vinyl plank flooring. With a variety of textures including hand scraped or knotted, it is possible to achieve the look of real wood. Luxury vinyl plank can be made to replicate mahogany, barn wood, natural wood, and other wood species. You can even mix and match with different colors and sizes of planks an even more unique look. Luxury vinyl plank allows homeowners to get the flooring they always dreamed of for a lower price and less maintenance. If you have a busy household, Clark’s Home Furnishings recommends luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is Soft and Supportive for Those on Their Feet All Day

Luxury vinyl plank is soft to walk and stand on. Clark’s Home Furnishings recommends luxury vinyl plank flooring to people who are on their feet a lot. Whether you are cleaning or in the kitchen cooking, your feet will appreciate the softness and support of vinyl. With vinyl’s natural insulation it keeps feet warm and comfortable even in the winter. Since vinyl flooring absorbs noise, it is a great flooring option for second story rooms and game rooms. Visit Clark’s today to see our selection of luxury vinyl plank flooring.